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Visa launches Bitcoin card with ‘no spend limit’ in the UAE

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A Visa VIP crypto credit card for Bitcoin  millionaires and billionaires is now officially available in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), giving holders a chance to join an exclusive club. 

Available by-invite to only 10,000 members across the globe, the bitcoinblack will offer holders the opportunity to convert their BTC or other major digital assets into spendable cash. 

With this, the card provides “the gateway” holders may need to splash their crypto wealth – with access to the world of luxury goods and services.

Premium benefits to members

A press release announcing the Bitcoin card teases several premium benefits to this private club. For one, users will enjoy no limit spending on their card at all Visa accepted locations.


They will also earn up to 10% rewards on the expenditure in an exclusive SPND token.The card’s holders can redeem their SPND tokens at Haute Living Luxury Marketplace, an online boutique with top of the range luxury watches, cars, purses, charter jet deals, and private mansion access among others will be available.

Prakash Chand aka ‘Dr. Crypto’ on Twitter is the CEO of bitcoinblack. He said the card has seen massive interest since its launch in 2021. Below is his tweet to the winner of a giveaway he announced on 2 July.

Chand first invested in Bitcoin in 2011 and says he fancied the Visa card following a spike in crypto wealthy individuals who wanted a product that gives them the best way to spend their money and get rewarded while doing it.

bitcoinblack is perfectly suited for high networth individuals who want to use their crypto for business or pleasure wherever they are in the world, including the 140+ countries where Visa is accepted” he said.


According to Chand, all that a holder needs to do is “load up their crypto through the web app or soon-to-come secure bitcoinblack wallet app,” and they have instant access to the world of luxury available to members.

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