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White House Pushes For Net-Zero Carbon Emission In Latest Crypto Report

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Recently, the White House released a report that details how crypto mining and other technologies contribute directly to pollution, greenhouse gas effect, noise, and other hazardous environmental effects that get in the way of federal agency’s initiatives to attain a net-zero carbon emission that is in adherence to U.S. climate goals.

Last month, electricity usage was seen to have quadrupled or amounting to 180kph to 240kph annually. Meanwhile, BTC mining in the United States has also climbed from 3.5% as seen in 2020 to a whopping 38% today.

The said report of the White House Office of Science and Technology was made specifically in response to the executive order of United States President Joe Biden that questions and challenges the impact and direct relationship of crypto assets and technologies to issues surrounding climate change and energy in the U.S.

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White House Wants Coordinated Efforts On Crypto Mining

The report outlined how the Biden administration and Congress can work together in enacting executive orders and legislation to ensure the efficient and safe use of high energy for crypto mining. 

More so, crypto mining companies together with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Energy (DOE), and other environmental protection agencies should work collaboratively in designing processes and technologies that minimize unwanted pollution and other dangerous environmental and economic effects brought about by crypto mining.


Additional recommendations were also highlighted in the White House report, such as getting the personal information of the electric utilities and crypto miners, as well as ensuring the use of renewable and reliable energy source that will help the federal authorities to come up with a well-informed decision regarding the climactic impact of cryptocurrencies.

White House: Make Crypto Greener, Or Else…

Despite the support of crypto communities promoting bitcoin mining as safe for the environment, White House officials aren’t convinced as over 100 million storage devices will be plugged to the grid come 2040 which could be a nuisance for a country that is in the process of shifting towards the use of 100% renewable energy.

With that being said, the EPA has been tasked to enhance the energy grid that will cement the clamor for a cleaner energy use in the future that will safeguard the country from harsh climate change and pollution.

The White House stands firm to make crypto greener or more climate-friendly — or else it will ban it altogether.

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