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Coinbase Exchange’s Base L2 Reveals Criteria for Mainnet Launch

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Base, the Ethereum-based Layer-2 (L2) blockchain protocol affiliated with American crypto trading platform Coinbase Global Inc has released some basic criteria that will guide its forthcoming mainnet launch. According to the announcement from the Base protocol’s official Twitter account, the push to launch its mainnet is hinged solely on getting the safety and security provisions right.

Base Launch Readiness and Target Milestones

The layer-2 protocol noted that it has no plans to issue a native token for the Base protocol, a revelation that, though not new, is against the basic design model of most L2s. The protocol acknowledged that since it launched its testnet, it has welcomed a number of innovative projects building on its platform. Base said it plans on increasing the number over time.

As part of the efforts it said it has made towards the mainnet launch is the full audit of its “codebase and infrastructure, load testing for scalability, supporting @optimismFND’s upgrade to Bedrock, and ensuring a top-notch developer experience.”

Since the Base testnet went live in February of this year, the protocol has ticked 2 out of the 5 criteria that will ultimately determine its mainnet launch. With the successful testnet Regolith hardfork and the completion of the infra review with OP Labs team, the upgrade of Optimism mainnet to Bedrock remains a key box to tick.


Additionally, Base said it will also work towards completing its protocol audits with no critical issues as well as maintaining testnet stability.

Post Launch Plans

As Base highlighted, the protocol will enter the Genesis Window immediately after the mainnet launch, a period that will be characterized by the deployment of Decentralized Application (DApps). During this window, Base said its core team will provide hands-on support to developers deploying their dapps and that it will recognize early dapps launching on Base.

Layer-2 protocols are taking the center stage in the evolution of decentralized infrastructures as the blockchain ecosystem is evolving. Besides Base, Shiba Inu is also developing its own L2 – Shibarium – to join the hoard of outfits looking to help scale the Ethereum protocol.

Post launch, the Coinbase-linked protocol will also have Arbitrum and Polygon zkEVM to compete with.


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