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Hedera Drives Launch of Asia’s First Digital Carbon Registry, GCR

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With Asia-Pacific responsible for over half the world’s CO2 emissions, the urgent call for a local carbon registry was resounding. Answering this, Carbonbase, partnering with the HBAR Foundation and ImpactX, has unveiled the Global Climate Registry (GCR). This digital platform promises to reshape the landscape of carbon credit tracking and emissions reduction.

Hedera Hashgraph Network Empowers GCR

Built on the Hedera Hashgraph network, the GCR ensures enhanced transparency. Additionally, it offers slight to medium developers a chance to shine and corporate buyers a clear view into their carbon credit investments. 

Max Song, the visionary behind Carbonbase, voiced his excitement.


“By leveraging the strength of both Hedera’s network and ImpactX’s innovative approach, we’re forging ahead into a new era for the carbon market,” said Song. Hence, this collaboration sets the stage for transformative changes in the climate-tech sector.

GCR Adheres to IEEE Standards

Moreover, the GCR’s standards align with the prestigious Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Consequently, this adherence guarantees the credibility of climate impact reporting, a critical factor in today’s eco-conscious world. Kartik Kulkarni of IEEE commended the joint effort, recognizing its potential for fostering cost-effective, high-impact climate initiatives.

Wes Geisenberger of the HBAR Foundation highlighted GCR’s unique proposition. “Imagine a world where our planet’s ledger is public and transparent. That’s the revolution GCR brings to the table,” he remarked. Furthermore, Karen Robbins from ImpactX reiterated the importance of a seamless digital experience for carbon credit developers and buyers.

The GCR’s release symbolizes a more sustainable future, which is more than a technical achievement. By creating this database, the Asia-Pacific region will be better positioned to significantly lead the international effort to combat climate change.

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