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Sei Network Implements Crypto Bio In Latest Discord Upgrade

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Sei Network, a leading L1 blockchain platform, has recently announced the successful completion of its Discord upgrade, introducing an innovative feature aimed at bolstering user verification and community integrity. The platform now allows users to obtain Verified Seilor roles through the integration of Humanode face verification.

Sei Network’s Discord Upgrade

There has been a rising prevalence of automated bots and the challenges of distinguishing real users from artificial accounts. By obtaining the coveted “Verified Seilor” role, users are provided with a badge of authenticity that sets them apart as real humans in the vast landscape of the internet.

Here is how to do it, as per the Sei Network’s tweet:


Follow the steps in our server to get your very own Verified Seilor  role. (Server menu -> Linked Roles -> Humanode)

The implementation of Humanode face verification represents a significant milestone in Sei Network’s commitment to upholding authenticity within its ecosystem. By requiring users to undergo face verification, Sei Network can verify the identity of individuals, mitigating the risks of impersonation and fraudulent activities.

Preventing Sybil Attacks

In addition to enhancing user verification, blockchain community acknowledges the importance of preventing sybil attacks and maintaining the integrity of its mainnet.


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By encouraging users to obtain the Verified Seilor role and implementing Humanode face verification, the platform ensures that rewards and airdrops on the mainnet are distributed exclusively to genuine individuals, rather than automated bots or fraudulent accounts.

Discord accounts have been in news for hacking, CoinGape recently reported Arbitrum’s Discord server being under attack.

To fortify its user verification process even further, Sei Network has integrated the Crypto Bio authentication tool BotBasher into its Discord platform. This powerful tool acts as a protective shield, effectively warding off bots and preserving the authenticity of the community.




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