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XRPL Labs Unveils Rebrand of its Flagship Wallet Xumm

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In an exciting move that has gained substantial attention in the crypto industry, XRPL Labs, a prominent innovator in the blockchain world, has unveiled the rebranding of its flagship wallet from Xumm to Xaman.

In a blog post, the firm highlighted that the strategic decision marks a critical milestone in the evolution of its product, bringing forth a fresh new look and additional features to provide customers with an even better experience.

The firm stated that the rebranding of Xumm goes beyond a mere visual facelift. It represents the firm’s advancement and expansion as a significant player in the blockchain ecosystem. 


Furthermore, XRPL Labs acknowledged that the decision also reflects the importance of differentiation within the industry. As XRPL Labs observed the crypto ecosystem, it became clear that there were other organizations with similar names operating in the same market. 

This generated worries about potential confusion among users and stakeholders. To overcome this issue and maintain a separate brand image, XRPL Labs made the strategic decision to rebrand its flagship wallet as Xaman.

While commenting on the update, Maaike van der Veen, Chief Business Officer at XRPL Labs highlighted that the rebranding aligns with the firm’s goal of bridging the crypto-retail divide while facilitating smooth acceptance and growth.


Recognizing the importance of adoption and widespread use, XRPL Labs has embarked on a mission to create innovative solutions that facilitate the integration of digital assets into everyday commerce.

Xaman, originally launched in 2019, quickly gained popularity among XRP enthusiasts for its user-friendly interface and has been used to launch products such as CasinoCoin Ledger.

XRPL Labs Engages in Community Development

With a strong commitment to collaboration and engagement, XRPL Labs actively invests in initiatives that empower and support the vibrant community surrounding its products and services.

The firm revealed that its lead Designer Tristan, a critical player in its transition to Xaman, will be representing The Netherlands and Xaman in the upcoming Footgolf World Cup.


From May 26th to June 6th, the Xaman team will proudly wear Xaman-branded shirts, emphasizing their support and representing the team’s unity. This effort demonstrates Xaman’s dedication to engaging with the community and expanding its footprint.

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