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Is Immutable X The Answer To Yuga Labs’ Problems?

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It has now been a couple of months since Yuga Labs’ had essentially “broken” Etherscan due to the high demand generated by its Otherside mint. As such, there have been discussions on how such an entity could mitigate the type of problems that arose during its legendary mint. For the answer to this, there have been numerous proposals submitted in a bid to help make sure that something like this does not happen again. 

Immutable X And Yuga Labs

Immutable X has submitted a proposal that the Otherside metaverse should be built on its protocol. It put forward that since the protocol is highly scalable and enables no-fee transactions and a carbon-neutral environment makes it a perfect place for the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) metaverse. The scalability is the most important because the demand remains high and as such, it will help prevent the network outage that had occurred on Ethereum.

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Immutable X which is an L2/L3 scaling solution had been providing no-fee transactions for a number of projects in the Web3 space. Since it’s built on the Ethereum network, it means that Yuga Labs would not have to worry about moving its entire collection to a new network before it can build out its metaverse. 


“ApeCoin is a testament to the strength of Ethereum’s community, developer network, and security,” said Robbie Ferguson, Co-Founder at Immutable X. “Its future should live on Layer-2 Ethereum, where its core users and community lives. We’re confident that Immutable X is the perfect solution for Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Otherside metaverse project and will commit significant resources to build it jointly with the community.”

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This sentiment to keep Yuga Labs’ creation on Ethereum earned support from the community, who poured out to give their opinions on the matter too. The general consensus has been to continue existing on the Ethereum blockchain while utilizing a Layer 2 rollup to ensure adequate scalability.

Although Immutable X got a lot of support from the community, it is not the first to put forward a proposal to have Otherside built on its protocol. The Avalanche network had previously invited the project to build on AVA after its mint had caused ETH transaction fees to shoot through the roof.

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A lot of interest remains around where Yuga Labs will end up building its Otherside metaverse. However, the team is yet to give a definitive answer on where it might move to or if it will continue to build directly on the Ethereum network. There have been talks of building an ApeChain, a native blockchain for the BAYC ecosystem, but nothing substantial yet.

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