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PUBG Announces NFT Integration With This Partnership

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Banger and PUBG work together to incorporate NFTs into their ecosystem. The update is expected to go live in 2023, at the earliest. Banger, a platform that specializes in integrating non-fungible tokens into the ecosystem of various games, will take care of the blockchain component of the development.

While 2022 may not be the best year for non-fungible tokens, the gaming industry is undoubtedly looking to them for integration. Participants who sign up for the alpha test are automatically eligible for a unique Banger digital collectible when it comes to PUBG NFT integration.

Problems with Banger Alpha Testing

Players in License to Kill are free to murder as many people as they like. In the gaming ecosystem, a person is ranked higher the more kills they have. Walk around the virtual world killing other players to increase your score.


Similar principles apply in Kill Frenzy, but the player is free to run over targets without keeping track of their numbers. The same rule applies: The player who runs over the most people receives the most points. Last but not least, Ghost Killer features a sniper, requiring players to eliminate adversaries from a distance. The player who makes a shot from the farthest distance that can be made will score the most.

PUBG looking for a white-label platform

Scams involving blockchain technology are increasing. Having the function built and maintained internally, though, is risky. As a result, gaming companies like PUBG are always searching for a white-label platform that can handle the integration of NFT as well as its security and ongoing maintenance.

The gaming industry is constantly integrating NFTs to make the virtual world more engaging and interactive. The desire among players to own a virtual asset has been noted. When Banger incorporates NFT into the PUBG ecosystem, it will be a test for both companies.

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