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Top 5 Travel Trends For 2023

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Travel Trends: According to Euronews Travel, one of Europe’s leading media tourism platforms. NFT travel, electrified exodus, and rail revival are among the top 2023 trends shaping the travel sector.

The report, titled “Travel in 2023: Connecting People, Places, and Planet,” focuses on the future of tourism. However, it is done by identifying eight sector trends within existing travel themes that will shape the industry.

Top 5 Travel Trends For 2023

NFT Travel

The travel sector is embracing non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital assets that exist on the blockchain. They will be used as keys by early adopters to gain access to physical travel experiences and private spaces in the real world all over the world. The market for luxury travel is also expected to grow significantly for NFTs. They can also be used to raise money and support sustainability projects, further increasing their versatility.


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Virtually Enhance Destinations

Following Covid -19, a lot of travel agencies are being forced to embrace technology in novel and intriguing ways. During the pandemic, the untapped potential of augmented reality and virtual reality to improve travel experiences has exploded. You can visit the Ajanta medieval caves, take an ice bath in the Ram Sarovar, or shop in the Sikkim markets on almost a single night.

Electrified Escape

In 2023, as fuel prices soar and consumer demand for low-carbon activities rises, the electric market will prosper. Following the recent global e-bike boom, electric scooter tours, sleds, boat trips, and safaris are all beginning to be taken. Skyscanner made his e-car rental filter available on their websites this year. However, to make it simple to find electric rental cars, Hertz has put together a guide to 15 all-electric road trips across Europe.

Rail Revival

In 2023, convenience, cost, and carbon footprint will all play a role in reviving your love of rail travel. As people attempt to travel in a more environmentally friendly manner, a few private companies are reviving night trains across Europe. A global consortium led by OBB in Austria, Nightjet is one of the most exciting projects. However, the “new generation sleeper train” is how Nightjet describes its offering.


The desire to commune with nature is a growing trend in travel. Additionally, a growing number of tourists choose rustic cabins and huts over hotels. These tiny retreats draw in an ever-wider range of demographics by capitalizing on the contemporary “van life” and aesthetic appeal of small homes.


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