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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Backs China To Lead AI Regulations

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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said China should play a key role in shaping the artificial intelligence regulations needed to ensure the safety of transformative new systems.

Sam Altman, who has become the face of modern AI after the success of ChatGPT, is backing China to lead AI regulations, Bloomberg reported.

China has some of the best AI talent in the world

Massive investments are flowing into AI at the moment in China and America, a strategic area that will help define the deepening tech rivalry between the world’s two largest economies. Advances in the AI sector have worried the world governments given the potential it poses to national security risks.

“China has some of the best AI talent in the world and fundamentally, given the difficulties in solving alignment for advanced AI systems, this requires the best minds from around the world,”

Sam Altman said at an event hosted by the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence.


OpenAI’s ChatGPT is banned in China

Currently, OpenAI’s leading product ChatGPT is not available in China due to longstanding data and censorship regulations. The same regulations have long shut out services from Western tech giants Google, Facebook and Twitter. Experts have suggested the complex data and algorithm laws will similarly make it difficult for Western companies to make inroads in AI in the country.

Altman said Saturday that OpenAI is planning to open-source more of its models in the future, as part of its efforts to drive AI safety, without specifying a time frame or particular model.

OpenAI isn’t the only product that Sam Altman is backing right now. The other project that Sam has his name on is the controversial WorldCoin. The project that aims to provide global identity to people by scanning their iris.

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